Aug 31, 2010

Hello My Name Is Fear

Hey Guys!

Recently in Chuck's class we were given an assignment to shoot the cover art of a text book on intolerance, aimed at middle and high schoolers. At first I almost lit myself on fire attempting a shot on book burnings in a religious context, but when that failed I decided to keep things at simple as possible. The book would have a large Laaaaaaarge black framing around the picture so I new I wanted a white background to contrast that.

Then I wanted to have a strong sense of symbolisim without having a whole lot going on in the photo. This is what I ended up with:

I forgot to take a picture of my lighting :( but it was simple enough i have made a quick stick figure reenactment. Hope you're all doing well~!


  1. I really like this photo, there is such a great balance and composition to it. The concept of the name tag that says fear really fits the assignment.

  2. I really loved this photo. When I first seen it I thought. Silencing. When people are not listen to or allowed to speak because of who they are aren't. Thanks for sharing!