Jan 27, 2011

Photoshop: Better Than a Warm Glass of Milk

Decided to mess around in Photoshop cause I couldnt seem to fall asleep last and sure enough it made me sleepy!!

Another photo from my shot with Mary Beth Graafsma that I didnt think quite went with
the others. Hope this texture doesnt look bad! Not sure how I feel about it >_O suggestions way welcome

Jan 25, 2011

No Matter What You Say, You're BEAUTIFUL!!

A good friend of mine and fellow photographer Mary Beth Graafsma let me
practice taking some model shots with her today! Here are my favorites :)
Check out her work Here~!


Jan 22, 2011

Animal Story Tellers

Bahaha they're so cute :3

Story Teller 2

Another Story Teller :)

Story Teller 1

Story Tellers are hand made sculptures from clay which are made all throughout reservations in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico (and probably lots more I dont know of). My Mom has a large collection of these and I picked a few of my favorites today to photograph.

Story Tellers jobs were to take care of children while their parents where out hunting or other miscellaneous jobs. Their open mouths represent them singing and telling stories to the children around them (or on them in this case lol).

Black Swan

A hand painted mask of my sisters. Probably about 3 inches in length

Jan 19, 2011


This is the image I was going to use for dessert buuuut after much debate I'm going to stick with my cheesecake image.


The Cake I ended up using for my dessert photo shoot  :)