Oct 21, 2010


I got to wander around Cary, NC this week with John West (www.johnwestphoto.com)
Here are a few still images from the video I captured in a small garden next to Town Hall:


Still messing around haha

I want to try and re do this one, I dont like how I left the bottle sitting :/

Getting in the Spirit

Shot this a few weeks ago and never got around to editing it. Here ya go :D

Just Messing Around.

Got bored yesterday after I finished up with my Internship stuff and Decided to come shoot some random stuff in the studio

No, that's sadly not the real name of the lipstick color. I was just being special haha
And yes, I also wish the lipstick was more pointed. Buuuut its not. yea

Oct 4, 2010

Rubber Ducky You're the One!

So my sister, as we all know, is crazy. This girl owns over 250 rubber ducks. Dipping into her vast collection, we decided to shoot a rubber ducky add, and this is how it turned out :)

Hope you all enjoyed :)


So one of my newist self promos was on the addiction of peircings and a photo for if they ever wrote an artical about it. It was pretty challenging to be my own model for this one, but my sister helped me out a lot.

That was until she stabbed me with a fish hook >:(

The first is the one I used, I just like how I look in the second one haha. Yes people, those are fish hooks. Real, really sharp, fish hooks. bwahaha.

Will the crazy never end?
(You know it wont :P)

Oct 3, 2010

A Good Way to Start the Day

So I needed to reshoot my breakfast and got up super early to do it. haha. I decided to try a few different things this time and these are my two favorites!

Also I got to make this fun coffee. Mmmm

And now I'm off to shoot two more projects! Gosh we're kept busy!

Oct 2, 2010

Hair Flipping?

So a friend of mine, Sam Baucom, took a picture for a self promo. It was just awesome! He caught his girlfriends hair flipping up and it was just amazing. Check it Out!

This made me really want to try and capture hair flipping, and my sis was in the department thursday working on a shoot with me and we decided to have some fun and just try this. It is really hard! Here are some of the shots we got:

Hope you enjoyed!!!


My sister and I saw this place one day when we were driving to a house she was sitting for. I knew that we had to shoot there! There are those huge cement cylinders for some kind of construction. They just got left out there forever and all the grass is growing over again.

Such a nifty place!

Also I got to mess around for a 300mm 2.8 lens for the first time away from baseball! So awesome!

Hope you guys enjoyed.