Sep 29, 2010

"The Challenge"

I Hope this works? This is a Super Nintendo commercial I did for my Commercial Photography class haha. Music copyright by B.O.B. Plz dun sue T_T

Sep 28, 2010


Haha sorry for the silly post title!

We had to shoot a project that had 12 countable eggs in it and had to be a square format. Other than that no restrictions! I had planned to do something a bit more silly and elaborate buuuut I went with simple, as it ended up looking so much better. The first pic is one I thought about using but the second I used because it became my favorite :)

Hope you all enjoyed~~ 

Sep 21, 2010

On The Road Again

Thats right! Time for more vacation pictures :D

The Other Coast:


People Watching:



Who Knows What:

Hope you all enjoyed :) more to come! (I'll add more description later)


The Grass Is Always Greener

Hey everyone!

Over our two week break from school my family had quite the adventure. We went out to Vegas and California and had such a blast! We saw lots of wonderful things and last night I finally got the chance to sit down and edit some of the photos I took out there! Have a peek:

First there was the Airplane~ 

Lots of Pretty flowers I had never seen before



This Guy was so nice and let me photograph him and his cat :)

The Aquarium had some AWESOME fish

Aaaand Some Random Stuff From All Around:

Hope you all enjoyed!!! More to come :)