Aug 31, 2010

Hello My Name Is Fear

Hey Guys!

Recently in Chuck's class we were given an assignment to shoot the cover art of a text book on intolerance, aimed at middle and high schoolers. At first I almost lit myself on fire attempting a shot on book burnings in a religious context, but when that failed I decided to keep things at simple as possible. The book would have a large Laaaaaaarge black framing around the picture so I new I wanted a white background to contrast that.

Then I wanted to have a strong sense of symbolisim without having a whole lot going on in the photo. This is what I ended up with:

I forgot to take a picture of my lighting :( but it was simple enough i have made a quick stick figure reenactment. Hope you're all doing well~!

Aug 25, 2010

3 Hours of....

A Close Encounter and a Lens Baby

Over the break my family and I took a trip out to Vegas and California. Along the way we stopped at a few national parks, and while walking to a place in Yosemite, we came across this girl:


And yes, I was the special person that decided to see how close I could get. Well since it was a national park she was quite used to people and happily munched away at her food for a while while I snapped her picture. She finally got spooked and started to run, but not before I caught her scared face!

Also I had the fun adventure of working with a lens baby for the first time! I tried it out a day before these were taken, but they weren't so good as I hadn't gotten the hang of it. But I got bored and figured I'd try again, using my cat Sulu as a model. Not the best pictures but it was all in good fun.

Yummy Yummy Yummy, I got Love In My Tummy~!

Hey Everyone!

I'm on break from class so I thought I might fill ya in on what I've been up too!

We were recently given a project to shoot a breakfast baked good! Well I like to bake (though sometimes poorly which sadly was proven by my picture) so i decided to make some Monkey Bread!! :)

After deciding that I really wanted to get across the gooey fun that is Monkey Bread, I realized the best way to do this would be to set up the scene as if it was a little kids breakfast. I mean its a fun, messy, delicious food so I thought it fit the idea well.Here are the results, which I'm not entirely to happy with :( The 'Minute Maid' Label got a little to much attention drawn to it but I may be shooting this again soon in hope to make it better!

This was shot in studio which provided a challenge of getting the 'morning light' look. Here are a few pictures of how I set this up: (sorry for the slight blur)

hover fork!

Well that's it for now~! Check back soon for a post on self portraits and messing around with the Lens Baby!!