Aug 25, 2010

A Close Encounter and a Lens Baby

Over the break my family and I took a trip out to Vegas and California. Along the way we stopped at a few national parks, and while walking to a place in Yosemite, we came across this girl:


And yes, I was the special person that decided to see how close I could get. Well since it was a national park she was quite used to people and happily munched away at her food for a while while I snapped her picture. She finally got spooked and started to run, but not before I caught her scared face!

Also I had the fun adventure of working with a lens baby for the first time! I tried it out a day before these were taken, but they weren't so good as I hadn't gotten the hang of it. But I got bored and figured I'd try again, using my cat Sulu as a model. Not the best pictures but it was all in good fun.


  1. that deer is totally saying "sayy wha!?"
    in that one shot.
    these make me so happy, kat. ;)

  2. Loved these are great images. Nice capture