Sep 1, 2010

Nerd: It's the New Cool

So we've all heard the it every season. "White is the new blue! Pink is the new black!" Hold a picture of some charcoal to a kid and they sure wont tell you its pink! But if people are deciding that they can change anything on a whim then its time I take my stand! If pink is the new black, then by all means Nerd is the new Cool!!!!

Chuck has given us 6 assignments that we basically get to shoot whatever so I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Two are due tomorrow and I chose to do a not-so-ordinary book promo and some none-to-average fashion!
Welcome to the world of Nerds!!!!!

Thanks SO much to Kayla Smith for being such a rockin model! She was fun and energetic and really brought the personality I needed to the shoot!All of these clothes are inspired by popular anime series!

The Jacket: Uzumaki Naruto from the hit Anime/Manga Naruto: The Bag: A piece I picked up at my last anime convention with Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicals
The Shirt: A fun shirt about all of our favorite Bleach Character! Kon
The Hat: Menchi from Excel Saga:

Hope you all enjoyed~! :)


  1. Kat! These are so great! Kayla did a wonderful job of modeling for you! I love what you did with the background color. You really nailed this shoot, you should be proud of yourself. The personality and originality of these images are so unique and I really like that you embraced what you were wanting to shoot and went for it! I'm going to stop rambling now...but awesome job!

  2. Kat, I love these. I really like how unique and different these are. I really like how the background colors make your subject stand out. I also really like the models expressions in all of the photographs. You did a really great job!

  3. When I first saw these photos my first thought was FUN!! They are vibrant and have palpable energy. I see you in them and I can how much you enjoyed making them. The gelled light is really well done.

  4. Hey, I know her! She used to date a friend of mine who dated a girl that Joey dated before me... Small world. Lol.