Jul 5, 2010

My First Wedding

Recently I was given the pleasure to shoot a friends wedding. I wish I had more time on my hands so I could write about the amazing experience it was but unfortunately I'm in a slight rush so I'll just leave you this small taste of what I shot for them:
(Yes I do have bridal Portraits, I just dont have the time to load them right now)

Jul 4, 2010


We recently were check out on these awesome new sets of lights. It was soooo epic I cant even being to describe!! After finishing a project for Kevin Gin and I decided that we had some spare time so we might as well mess around a bit and work with it some. I LOVE these lights.

A Shot Of Gin

Random Stuff

A Pendant My Father Gave Me

My Class Ring

My Camera >:D

The Diamond From My Grandmothers Ring