Feb 28, 2011

5 minutes (in heaven)

Class project today. Another 1 light, 1 model deal.
This time we had 5 minutes outside and 5 minutes inside to get 3 images.
Thanks to Virginia Bittorf and Alyssa Barajas for modeling!

Feb 24, 2011


Some random things shot around campus for no particular reason. We were shooting another assignment and I went cray cray. Thats about all that can describe this cluster of oddities.

Feb 18, 2011


Today we had a fabulous shoot for a music video. We are using a song by the wonderful Kieran Anderson~! ANd zombies were afoot. Plz ignore the bad quality as I just took some screen shots of parts of the video. 

Cast And Crew:

Belinda Eldridge
Mary Beth Graafsma
Kelli York
Kieran Anderson
Rachel Siddiqi
 Chelsea McLendon
Me! baha

Behind The Scenes:

Sneak Previews:


And the rest we'll leave up to your imaginations until the video is done ^o^


Feb 15, 2011

Ramune: It's Electric!

This is a Japanese Soda called Ramune. Its sealed with a glass marble that when you open it drops down into the drink. Pikachu is stealing said marble :3 soooo thats whats on his back. <3 See that reflection of his ear in the marble? That's me being awesome >_> bahaha

a HUGE thanks to my best, best, best Graphic Designer, Rachel Ramirez who drew out the script and Pikachu! she is da BOMB!

Feb 9, 2011

Had I the Heavens' Embroidered Cloths

This week we had to photograph "fresh air".
Technically it was supposed have a "positive" or "green" piece to it buuuut
I just wanted to make a wind Goddess and the LOVERLY Kayliegh Mezger
offered to do it :) I couldn't have pulled this off with out my production crew
Mary Beth Graafsma and Kelly Reid helped me pull this crazyness off!
Thanks so much you guys you ROCK!

WARNING: This image contains a topless girl. She is basically completely covered
buuuut I needed to warn you just encase. Just scroll down to see it

 ALSO note that this thing is compressing a little so its looking more pixely than it should.

Feb 3, 2011

The Lifestyle of James Carlson

In my multimedia class we had to interview someone and document their day to day life. This is James Carlson, member of the rock band MODENA! Check them out Here!!!

Feb 2, 2011

Why RCC is the Best Place to be! Take 2!!

 Brandon Warren! 
This guy is amazing~!

 Jessi Hagood!
LOVE her photography!!! So talented! 

 Virginia Bitorff
Can always make you crack a smile!

 Walker Anderson
Getting his swagger on! 

Holly Mann
Too cute!! 

 Erika Buchanan Making her appearance!!

 Belinda Eldridge proves she wants to be strictly BEHIND the camera! :P

 Anna Tucker's decided to buddy up!!

 More of Steffanie Strickland and Brandon Warren! They just so cute!!

 Brittany Snider and Yolanda Mills being cute!
Dang Brittany can jump High!!!

 Paul Budde wants YOU to live long and prosper!

 Mary Beth Graafsma 
and Chris Kennedy Messing around :P