Feb 1, 2011

RCC is the Best Place to Be!!!

These are just a handful of the awesome, crazy, talented people I get the joy of working with everyday!! :D

 Myself and Graphic Designer Rachel Ramirez!
Met through a joint project with the Graphic Design department!
Already making plans to work together in the future! Cant wait to see 
the crazy things we come up with!!
These 2 shot by Mary Beth Graafsma! :D

 Kelli York and Landon Mathers!
(Bahah sorry Landon, But Kelli just looked tooo cute in this not to post~)

 Eric Waters! 
Proving he can jump through his leg+arm! So glad to have caught it!

 Ian Brisco~
He can make you laugh no matter how down your feeling!

 Ian and Sam Baucom!
I swear this pair will make me die of laughter!

 Stole Miss. Shana Jarret from another shoot to take a quick pic!
She was working it tonight!

 Micheal Hughes!
Has the best eye for detail and always willing to serve up suggestions!

 Steffanie (girl I dont know your last name!)
Lovin' her spunk!!

Familiar face to this blog, Miss. Mary Beth Graafsma!!
She got some great shots tonight! You go girl~


  1. Good work here, kiddo! Hope we all look back on these and laugh. Good times...

  2. Way to capture a moment in time at RCC! Gotta love those photogs!