Feb 9, 2011

Had I the Heavens' Embroidered Cloths

This week we had to photograph "fresh air".
Technically it was supposed have a "positive" or "green" piece to it buuuut
I just wanted to make a wind Goddess and the LOVERLY Kayliegh Mezger
offered to do it :) I couldn't have pulled this off with out my production crew
Mary Beth Graafsma and Kelly Reid helped me pull this crazyness off!
Thanks so much you guys you ROCK!

WARNING: This image contains a topless girl. She is basically completely covered
buuuut I needed to warn you just encase. Just scroll down to see it

 ALSO note that this thing is compressing a little so its looking more pixely than it should.


  1. This is so beautiful. It looks very professional. You did such a good job at capturing air and Kayleighs beauty!

  2. it looks so good i am so happy i got to help out with this assignment it came together great nice job!!!

  3. This is so great Kat! Great illustration of air and absolutely perfect color! Exciting image!

  4. This is a beautiful image Kat. great creative mind. you rock!