Dec 28, 2010

Oh the Places You Can Go

Hong Kong, Lantau Island

Big Buddha

Misc. Hong Kong 

 Workshop of Gary Hung:
Wedding Dress desingner



 Yangshuo County

Holocaust Museum

Nanjing University &Misc

Interesting Coffee Shop

Misc. Nanjing

Jiming Temple

Misc. Nanjing/ Beijing

The Great Wall

Around the Olympic Stadium

Forbidden City / Tian An Men


  1. Great pictures Kat. You do such a great job capturing the Chinese culture.

  2. wow, I haven't been to China since I was like 6!!! Beautiful pictures =D they often leave me breathless

  3. Wow, I dont think I can comment on just one image, they all are so beautiful! Great contrast and clarity! I love the black and white as much as the color. the color is so bold and bright! great images!!