Jun 2, 2012

ConCarolinas pt 1

Hey Guys! This week I was able to get out to ConCarolinas! I last went 2 years ago and was able to complete a school project thanks to the help of its lovely attendees! The original project was to photograph 36 strangers and one of the places I went to do this was my first attendance at ConCarolinas! I was happy to run into a few of the people I photographed two years ago and got to photograph them again along with some of the other con goers.

Unfortunatly after having attended animazement last weekend, helping my friends load a uhaul, and all the other running around I've done, I injured my knee while at the convention and had to leave early :( I wasnt able to get as many photos as I wanted but I'm still happy with those I got!

These are just the first few that I've had time to edit! Also, be on the look out for me at Heroes Convention 2012! Hopefully the next stop on my convention expedition! 

As per usual I highly recommend clicking on the images for full view. 

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