Sep 30, 2011

A Tame Mrs. Lovett

          My friend Rachel Ramirez :)  Isn't she pretty!
I see this as some kind of 'old London baker looking out at the day'. 
She told me her outfit was inspired by Sweeny Todd. So I wanted to do a toned down version of that.
Maybe she looks like a sweet innocent little baker woman but looks can be deceiving? haha!
I know, I'm weird. But I really like how this turned out. We had a ton of fun that day! We went out to this old abandoned building I know about and shot in the basement where this old brick window is. I just thought it was the perfect background to match her look and I fell in love with the light <3. It was in the middle of the rain last friday and Rachel was hiking around in heels better than I was in sneakers! Great adventure!

Please Full Veiw :)

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