Nov 17, 2010

Welcome to the White House!

Hey Everyone!

As a kid I always grew up surrounded by animals! At one point I remember us having at least 20 cats and 2 dogs. Now the list is even stranger! We currently have 1 Snake, 2 Parrots, 2 Parakeets, 2Dogs, 10 Cats and a Possom I've feed since it was a baby. He wont let me touch him but he is my baby too.  A lot of our animals have interesting stories behind them as they are mostly rescue animals.

Here are our Babies:

 Miss Kitty                and                   Night Shade

Miss Kitty and Night Shade are brother and sister from one of the
few litters our cats have had. Night Shade is called White Ears cause he is solid black
save for the thin lines of his ears which are bright white! When Night Shade was still
a kitten he managed to crawl into a dryer when no one was looking :( luckily my Dad was 
able to give him CPR and saved this sweet oaf =D

Cody was found by some of my sisters friends in the woods, covered in tree sap. 
He is very timid around people and scares easy but is an absolute sweet heart <3

 Sulu                         and                         Katir
These are the Babies of the group!! Katyr showed up on our back porch 
one day and after a few tries we finally nabbed her! We believe that her growth
may have been stunted due to her sad growing up, as she is a year old and no longer
growing. Maybe she'll stay cute kitten sized forever!
Sulu on the other hand is growing into a monster! He is acctually younger than his female 
friend but far bigger than her! Me and some friends found him and he's been my baby
ever since!

 Gwynna and Mata Lanu Moana (MoMo)
On my 16th birthday my parents took me to the pound to adopt a new kitten!
I fell in love with Momo (below) instantly! After talking with her care taker we found out
that Gwynna (above) was found with a litter of kittens who were all suffering from a fatal
disease. Momo was the only one to survive sadly. Knowing this we couldn't
split them up, so my mom got a new cat that day too :)

Ysabel                            and                           Praline

These two buddies are hilarious. Neither of them can ever shut up just like
their owner (my sister haha). My sister and Dad found Ysabel at the beach
and went so far as to smuggle her into a hotel for a night just to be able
to bring her home! Praline came to us from a woman who was strangly allergic
to her. Not to cats. To Praline in particular.

This is my other sweet girl! A family friend found Rosie living wild
near hear home but couldn't keep her. We happily took her in and
she became the worlds biggist sweet heart. It became apparent that rosie
was an abused cat but she has come very far in dealing with strangers :)

Willow and Meryln
-Our sweet puppies :) Willow (Bellow) is my first dog and is probably around 12 or 13
years old. We adopted her and one of her sisters when my sister and I were 
younger from some family friends. Meryln (Above) we found at a flea market 
and my Dad fell in love with thosepretty blue eyes at first sight! 
She slid around in our van the whole way home 
and has been a great dog!

Waddles and Kirby
Waddles (above) is an Orange Wing Amazon which has become an
endangered species since his domestication. He cant speak but he has learned
that creepy throat nose from the grudge. We got him from a family friend who
was unable to keep him. Kirby (Below)  is a Quaker Parrot who we got to be 
Waddles friend! He laughs when people get hurt, and knows a good chunk of
noises he can mimic.


The Parakeets
Not the best pictures, as I cant take them out of the cage.
Bruce (Left) is named after my sisters old Parakeet. I can't 
remember what she named the other one >_>

(Not Photographed)
Oedipus the Possum
Oedipus first showed up on our porch on his moms back when he was just
a little baby. Over the years he has spent many nights eating our cat food, and 
takingshelter in the dog house.  My dad pet him once when the out 
side light was off, thinking it was a cat bahaha. Unfortunatly 
He isn't hanging around today, so I couldn't get a picture of him. Soon though!

Hope you all enjoyed!

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